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Join us on our 10-Session journey 

We are inviting you to be part of this small group of business owners who recognise that to survive and thrive in these extraordinary times they must embrace change.

Our 10-Session program is a hands-on and practical course that will walk you through how to make changes that are aligned to who YOU are, and is relevant to the world today.

We are bringing you leading-edge strategies designed for these times.  It will  open up your markets and make you attractive to new business.  These strategies are tried and tested but have only recently become available to help businesses like you.

With the exponential growth in the digital world, we will help you see how you can move from a local to a global business.  In fact, today it is easier to be global than local!

Better still, the 10-Session program is an ‘earn and learn’ journey so you are implementing as you go.  Once implemented it can be repeated over and over again.

Join us today to reset, regenerate and relaunch your business.  It’s time to turn this crisis into your greatest opportunity.

Meet your facilitators 

Peter Roper – The Family Business Man

Peter is the man you want on your contacts list. Now in his sixth decade, Peter spent over forty years pinpointing the growth drivers that help prosperous businesses across the globe to grow.
Following a major and highly successful corporate career (where he was responsible for a business that turned over no less than £38 million), Peter threw caution to the wind and set up his own consultancy business in 1996.
Although a talented negotiator, it’s Peter’s ability to adapt to a variety of business challenges, consistently building rapport through demonstrating patience, empathy and versatility that really stand out. All admirable but essential qualities, since business consultants almost never use the word ‘problem’, rather, they talk about opportunities to enhance value.

Now a published bestselling author of five books, a multi award winning speaker, Peter has spoken to over 500,000 delegates across several countries. As the Past National President, Fellow and past board member of the Professional Speaking Association, Peter was given the Professional Speaking Award for Excellence in 2018 – only a handful of people hold this prestigious accolade.

In 2015 Peter formed the Family Business Practice, wanting a place of comfort for family businesses.

Gillian B Anderson – Radial 1 Consulting

Gillian is the lead Business Solutions Consultant in her company, Radial 1 Consulting, which she started with her partner in 2005.  She will make you see your business differently, with years of experience under her belt, including work carried out on behalf of the Australian Government, Gillian has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level.

Having lived on five continents and worked in over forty countries, it’s fair to say that Gillian knows first-hand that business makes the world go round. But what is business? At its most basic, business is one person (or a company run by people) providing something that someone else is willing to pay for. However, success in business is more, it’s the continual identification of your consumers, its employee engagement, its creating a motivated environment that contributes to organisational success and it’s about figuring out how to give, create and design all of this while still making a profit.

In 2018, Gillian felt it was time to give back to the business community and left the corporate world, to help solopreneurs, SME’s and family owned businesses to unlock their business potential. With this in mind, it’s really no surprise that in 2019 she took on the role of Entrepreneur Dynamics Consultant for UK & Ireland for the Genius Group – the largest education organisation specifically for Entrepreneurs. This role continues to keep her on the forefront of how to navigate the unprecedented times in which we live, and especially how to pivot businesses to become more digital and open themselves up to a global market.

Sociology lies at the core of the modern business, because what makes business so difficult and unpredictable is that it depends largely on people skills. Business itself is a relationship business, and if you want to understand people better, you’ll want to work closely with Gillian.

 Course details

  • All sessions are live and  conducted via Zoom, so no travel involved
  • Sessions last for 72 minutes each
  • Recordings will be available so you can revisit as many times as you like
  • Actions are required to be taken between sessions
  • Facilitators are available via email to answer questions and provide support
  • Cost is £199 for non-members and £149 for Family Business Practice and CWCC Members
  • Plus some extra special bonuses are included:
    • Entrepreneur Dynamics Tokens valued at £150
    • All templates and workbooks
    • A 30-minute one-on-one session with Peter or Gillian
    • Choice of a book written by Peter Roper
    • Ebook – Regenerate Your Business – A Twelve Step Process (Download NOW)


What you will learn when you join the 

10-session Regenerate your Business course

Each session will be led by either Peter Roper or Gillian Anderson.

Peter will be providing you with practical advice on how to get more customers and tap into markets that previously may not have been open to you.

Gillian will be taking you through a four-stage, hands-on, 90-day process to promote your business that ensures you have a compelling offer that is both earning and learning, which is repeatable and increases your profits.


Session One

How to have a Values-based Business

We will help you to unlock the potential in your business to thrive in the new economy.  We will look at how your business is operating, your values and why you went into business originally. What is your IKIGAI? And identify what it will take to move your business forward.

Peter Roper and

Gillian Anderson

Session Two

How do you reset your business to unlock new potential

Many businesses simply do not get on with their clients or suppliers and yet in many cases the answer is simple.  We will look at your business’ personality and effective methods to stand out in the marketplace.

Gillian Anderson

Session Three

What type of business do you have?

Many businesses simply do not get on with their clients or suppliers and yet in many cases the answer is simple.  We will look at your business’ personality and effective methods to stand out in the marketplace.

Peter Roper

Session Four

What do your customers need?

Stage 2 is redesign – Knowing what your customers need right now, to redesign and redevelop your business model for today.  We will work through the six ‘Ps’, problem, promise, product, proof, purpose and price.

Gillian Anderson

Session Five

Do you have a clear networking plan?

Networking can be time-consuming, financially expensive and frustrating.  We will examine the five areas you need to tailor for you to achieve for success.

Peter Roper

Session Six

What do you need to deliver exceptional value?

Stage 3 is about the people.  You can have the best technology and processes, but if you do not focus on the people, you have failed.  Today it is about hi-tech, but more importantly, hi-touch.

Gillian Anderson

Session Seven

Sell by not selling

We will examine and deploy a seven-step sales process that is highly successful but does not come across as ‘selling’

Peter Roper

Session Eight

How do you measure success?

Step 4 is about measuring and marketing for maximum results and ensure your plan is working,  making adjustments and repeating to grow your success.

Gillian Anderson

Session Nine

Becoming a natural presenter

At some time in your life you are going to have to present both you and your business.  We will share a five-step plan that is proven for all types of presentations.

Peter Roper

Session Ten

Bringing it all together

The last session will be to celebrate successes, share your triumphs, your learnings and what you are going to do next to grow your impact.

Peter Roper and

Gillian Anderson

 Who should join?

You had a successful business prior to the Coronavirus Crisis,  but now your previous model is not working the same way, and you have seen a decline in your revenues.

You had a start up that was growing but your products are not creating the attraction they were pre Crisis and you need to pivot your offering.

You need to create a new way of generating income and want to take advantage to start or expand a business now allowing you to generate more income.

You have spotted an opportunity in the market and need help to design the business model and products at speed to get it launched.

Five reasons to join Regenerate your Business today  

You will either step forward into Growth or you will step back into Safety.

                                                                   Abraham Maslow

Work with highly experienced facilitators who will ‘hold your hand’  as you set up a business model that ensures you are crisis proof and ready to take advantages of opportunities as they arise.

Discover what your vision is for your business, how to grow your business in a sustainable way for longevity, what you need to do to get there, and in what timeframe.

Decide to make changes to your business NOW before the deep recession hits, and have a supportive environment and mastermind group to help you get there.

Learn what other businesses are doing to increase their digital presence and take advantage of new markets and opportunities.

Have a plan that will start bringing in cash flow at the right time to support your growth and longevity.

 A note from your facilitators

We are living and work in a new world. We are currently living through the immediate impact of the coronavirus crisis, and we are heading into what experts are predicting to be the greatest financial crash in history.

If you are like most of the business owners who we come across, you will be feeling the financial affects of the coronavirus . If you do not have a business that can be regenerated to reflect today’s market place and what your customers need right now, including a digital strategy, then you are facing an uncertain future.

Even worse, you realise you need to fix the short term business challenge while keeping an eye on the upcoming opportunities. Because it is always in the times of greatest crisis that lie the opportunities of a lifetime.

This is why we are launching the Regenerate your Business course.

After much consideration we decided to use the term ‘Regenerate’ as this has a meaning for many who have watched Doctor Who over the last 57 years.  As the need arises ‘the Doctor’ makes the decision to change his face, his clothes and everything about him to move on.  Yet he still has his memories, his knowledge and his skills, these do not change.  For us in 2020 this needs to be the same.  We need to have a new face for our business but not to forget what we know, what we have learned and why we started our businesses in the first place.

Between us we have had decades of experience working with both large Corporates and small businesses who all have visions for their success.  Whilst maintaining three clear goals: to ‘fill the fridge’, to be known liked and trusted by their community and to be able to sleep easy at night.  These are the three beliefs of the Family Business Practice.

When you join us, you will experience a tailored approach to create a brand new business model and pathway for your business. Whether you are a one-person solopreneur, an established business with a small team or an enterprise with hundreds of staff, we have a program that will deliver you the results you want and need to lead you out of the crisis.

For as little as two hours each week, you will have the guidance and support of the facilitators to implement a plan from zero to a fully operating service by the end of the ten weeks.

So apply today, we look forward to working with you!

Peter and Gillian

Your Next Steps to join Regenerate your Business today  

  1. If you want to know more about this ground-breaking course you have a number of options:
  2. Call Peter Roper on 0777 55 26387 or Gillian Anderson on 0755 55 42916
  3. Click the Apply Now and you can book yourself in via Calendly
  4. Contact us via this website and we will get back to you.
  5. Download the free eBook now as a gift from us.

Introductory Offer (One Time Only

£199 non-members or £147 for Family Business Practice and CWCC Members

 What People Are Saying

I would strongly recommend any member to join this programme, I have learnt some really valuable tips and lessons across a number of different topics including networking, presenting and maximising client relationships….  I look forward to working with Peter more in the future developing me and my business.


Jamie Pratt,

Stockholm Business Consulting

Flexible. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring. Gill helped me with the transition of my business and identify what I needed to do to move forward. She helped me see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ by breaking down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions. I would highly recommend Gill as a mentor and coach – in fact, this combination is what makes Gill such a wonderful human being to work with. Her follow-through is remarkable, as is her steadfast positive attitude. 

Florian Moulin

I have had the honour of knowing Peter for a number of years through my Family Business Practice membership.  Peter has an infectious passion for supporting business, family businesses, to ensure that their unique features are celebrated and deliver more success.



Claire Lawton

Acorn HR Support

I have the absolute honour and pleasure of both supporting Gillian and working alongside her as part of the Entrepreneurs Institute Faculty. She is a warm-hearted and super intelligent entrepreneur who wakes up daily to fulfil her passion for contributing to a better world. She is a coach and mentor and I cannot recommend her enough so please take time to connect with her and experience the difference she can make to you. ‘Together we can create an impact’

Terri Vincent

Founder of TCB